WooCommerce 4.0: A More Efficient Store management

WooCommerce 4.0 A More Efficient Store management

After reading the title of this article, you guys already assumed that what we will talk about today. On January 19, 2020, I posted the article about released WooCommerce 3.9 and there features. Guys, see, how fast WooCommerce released 4.0: A More Efficient Store management version with a major update. So, guys, I want to say that, please upgrade your installed Woocommerce version with the latest one but before upgrading please take a backup of your website.

So, Guys, let’s come to the point and discuss the features of new WooCommerce 4.0: A More Efficient Store management. The primary focus of these updates is to transition towards a more React-driven experience so that store owners can better leverage the power of WordPress and enjoy a more efficient workflow as the result of an improved management panel and new reporting features.

This release integrates WooCommerce Admin into WooCommerce Core, which includes:

  • Enhanced reporting tools and analytics
  • Simplified notifications
  • Improved store management tools


#1 Enhanced reporting tools and analytics in WooCommerce 4.0

With new updates, WooCommerce Admin is now more powerfull, improved reporting with 14 different data points. Collecting and interpreting data helps you reduce costs, optimize supply management, and increase sales. WooCommerce 4.0 offers a reporting feature with a quick overview of how your store is performing.
WooCommerce 4.0 reporting

View 14 different data points, including total sales, net sales, orders, average order value, returns, shipping, and downloads.
WooCommerce 4.0 sales report

You can also access 12 new reports, quickly filter data, compare date periods, and download CSV files. Reports include:

  • Revenue
  • Orders
  • Stock
  • Coupons
  • Customers

Make the most of your data with advanced filters and adjust reports based on specific customers, numeric values, emails, and countries.

#2 Improved store management tools with Simplified notifications

The new Activity Panel helps you quickly access the management tools you use most often. It includes an inbox system that simplifies notifications — no more weeding through the information you don’t need!

WooCommerce 4.0 Admin

With just one click, you can view:

  • Orders: view recent order data (status, total, customer name, time completed, etc.) and navigate to fulfillment with the click of a button
  • Stock: see which products and variations are out of stock or running low
  • Reviews: keep an eye on reviews and respond if needed
  • Notices: get reminders for additional tasks that should be addressed

With notifications, get an overview of tasks that need your attention without leaving the dashboard.

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So friends, if this article really helpful for you then please share your thought and your experience of WooCommerce 4.0 in the below comment box and share the article as well. Keep learning.

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