TOP 10 web technologies in 2023

Top 10 Web Technologies for Web Developers to Use In 2023

Summary:- The web development industry is changing and emerging at every step. Web developers are continuously experimenting and implementing various technologies to create better user experiences on websites. Therefore, they must know the right web technologies to boost the website’s functionalities. Read on this blog about the top 10 latest web technologies for web developers that will help create excellent websites in 2023. New technologies, such as advanced front-end frameworks, serverless computing, AI, Blockchain, and more, are reshaping development practices. Today’s web developers are always experimenting with new ways of using these latest technologies. Using them, they build websites that

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The Ultimate Elementor Flexbox Tutorial

The Ultimate Elementor Flexbox Tutorial: Beginner to Pro

Hello and welcome to the Elementor Flexbox Tutorial. If you want to create a website that appears trendy and expert level, Elementor Flexbox is a terrific tool to have in your web design. Since you can create dynamic layouts that adjust to different screen sizes and orientations, your website will be more user-friendly as well as eye-catching. In this Elementor Flexbox tutorial, we’ll go over all you need to know about Elementor Flexbox from beginner to pro, from basic concepts to more advanced techniques, so you can build appealing layouts like an expert. Table of Content What is Elementor Flexbox?

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Top Website Builder Plateforms in 2023

Top Website Builder Platforms in 2023

Hello everyone, as you are aware, in 2023, there are multiple ways to create a user-friendly and SEO-friendly website. Making the appropriate platform choice for your website is crucial whether you are an organization owner or an entrepreneur. We’ll thus briefly review the top website builder platforms in 2023 in this piece today. #1 WordPress More than 40% of all websites on the internet are run on WordPress, the most well-liked content management system (CMS) and leading platform for website creation. It is an open-source platform with many available plugins and themes, making it quite configurable. It is also search

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Best Membership plugin - Memberpress

All-In-One Membership Plugin: MemberPress

Are you looking for a powerful and comprehensive WordPress membership plugin? Look no further than the MemberPress plugin! This all-in-one membership website solution is packed with powerful features that will help you create a successful and profitable membership site. MemberPress allows you to create, manage, and sell digital products, courses, and membership subscriptions on your WordPress website. MemberPress allows you to protect your content by restricting access to pages, posts, and files based on membership levels or subscription plans. In this article, we’ll explore the top reasons why the MemberPress Plugin is the ultimate solution for your membership website needs. Features

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Add HTML Signature in Gmail

How to Add HTML Signature in Gmail: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Do you ever feel like your email signature lacks personality or doesn’t reflect your brand? Have you designed your own signature in HTML format, but don’t know how to add it to your Gmail signature? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a simplified guide on how to add an HTML signature to your Gmail account: Step 1: Install the Designmodo Chrome extension Install & Activate the Designmodo Chrome extension on your browser, and Pin it. See the screenshots below. Step 2: Log in to Gmail Account Go to the Google Workspace and enter your username and

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Top 5 WordPress Page Builders to Elevate Your Website

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) it’s free, user-friendly, and ideal for small businesses looking to launch their first website. Users can quickly learn the basics of web design and construct great web pages using the integrated WordPress page builder. However, once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of WordPress, you may notice that the native WordPress page editor lacks several customization possibilities. You’ll need to connect a page builder plugin with your WordPress website if you want to fully modify your web pages. In this blog, we talk about the best WordPress Builders that you may use

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Best Web Hosting for your website

7 Best Web Hosting For Your Website

In this article, we will talk about the importance of choosing a good web hosting. We will also suggest you the best web hosting for your website. If you choose the wrong web hosting provider, you will pay for more than just poor service. You need to get this right because good web hosting will keep your site up and running and help you avoid downtime. This article tells you which kinds of web hosting are best for different types of sites. With these reviews, you can choose the best web hosting without spending a lot of money. 7 BEST

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Create WordPress Admin User Through FTP

Create WordPress Admin User Through FTP

Hello friends, Today in this article we will read about how we create WordPress admin users through FTP. FTP will help us to create a WordPress Admin User when we don’t have any other access. You can explore our FTP tutorial if FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is a new thing to you. A few days back one of my friends asked me if it is possible to create an admin user without Database or WordPress Admin access. I said Yes, of course, it is possible. Actually, sometimes users forget their username/password or some security plugins locked users. We can also add

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List your woocommerce products on google shopping

List Your Woocommerce Products On Google Shopping

I heard many times that WordPress is not good to create an online store. But you know what it is totally a myth. WordPress allows you to design any website and you can create your own online store with the help of the WooCommerce plugin. Now Woocommerce helps the online stores to connect with Google Shopping through the plugin which we can display our products on Google Shopping.   Google Product Feed   How to Generate Product Feed on a WooCommerce Store? Though Woocommerce itself has many plugins, to showcase your products in the Google product feed there is a

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DuplicateCloneCopy Database using PHPMyAdmin

How to make Duplicate/Clone/Copy Database using PHPMyAdmin

Hello Friends, How are you? I hope all are feeling well, safe, and at home in this pandemic. I also want to say sorry for not publishing an article in the last 75 days. So today we started again with a new topic, can’t say new but yes its who don’t know. Today we learn, How to make Duplicate/Clone/Copy Database using PHPMyAdmin. But first, we will discuss why we need to copy the database using PHPMyAdmin. Sometimes you face this situation that you unable to clone a WordPress site on the same server due to heavy size and you’re all

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WooCommerce 4.0 A More Efficient Store management

WooCommerce 4.0: A More Efficient Store management

Whatsup!! After reading the title of this article, you guys already assumed that what we will talk about today. On January 19, 2020, I posted the article about released WooCommerce 3.9 and there features. Guys, see, how fast WooCommerce released 4.0: A More Efficient Store management version with a major update. So, guys, I want to say that, please upgrade your installed Woocommerce version with the latest one but before upgrading please take a backup of your website. So, Guys, let’s come to the point and discuss the features of new WooCommerce 4.0: A More Efficient Store management. The primary

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top 6 wp plugins

Top 6 plugins for your WordPress Site in 2020

Hello, friends today we will talk about the top 6 WordPress plugins in 2020 which are important and should be installed on your website. These plugins append amazing functionality to our website and make your work a lot easier. In 2020, using plugins make our website powerful in almost all aspects(Lead Generation, SEO, Performance, Security, Backups). So as we mentioned above, let explore those six WordPress plugins which help you to make your website Robust, Secure, SEO friendly and complete with all aesthetics needs. #1 Ninja Forms – WordPress Forms Plugin Ninja Forms is the ultimate FREE form creation tool

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