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http security header

Enable HTTP Security Headers

Hello, friends today we will learn about HTTP Security Header. There are a lot of things to consider while securing our website or web applications. HTTP Security Header is one of the best options. Implementing of HTTP Security Header is very easy on the server. HTTP Security Header provides another level of security by minimizing attacks and security vulnerabilities. So, today we will explore vital securities and try to understand what they are and how to implement. What are HTTP Security Headers? When users visit a website on a browser(Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc..) they request a page from the

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wordpress maintenance

4 Vital Monthly WordPress Maintenance Tasks

Hello, Friends today we will learn about 4 Vital Monthly WordPress Maintenance tasks which we need to do regularly. But first, we need to understand why WordPress maintenance is important. We think that once our  WordPress website is completed and live our work is over, but that’s not true. If we neglect to maintain the WordPress site then you will see the below results : Security vulnerabilities Page loading time will increase Bad user experience Loose search engine ranking   Let’s see what are the WordPress maintenance services, so we keep a WordPress site running smooth: WordPress Site Backup WordPress Updates

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