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List your woocommerce products on google shopping

List Your Woocommerce Products On Google Shopping

I heard many times that WordPress is not good to create an online store. But you know what it is totally a myth. WordPress allows you to design any website and you can create your own online store with the help of the WooCommerce plugin. Now Woocommerce helps the online stores to connect with Google Shopping through the plugin which we can display our products on Google Shopping.   Google Product Feed   How to Generate Product Feed on a WooCommerce Store? Though Woocommerce itself has many plugins, to showcase your products in the Google product feed there is a

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WooCommerce 4.0 A More Efficient Store management

WooCommerce 4.0: A More Efficient Store management

Whatsup!! After reading the title of this article, you guys already assumed that what we will talk about today. On January 19, 2020, I posted the article about released WooCommerce 3.9 and there features. Guys, see, how fast WooCommerce released 4.0: A More Efficient Store management version with a major update. So, guys, I want to say that, please upgrade your installed Woocommerce version with the latest one but before upgrading please take a backup of your website. So, Guys, let’s come to the point and discuss the features of new WooCommerce 4.0: A More Efficient Store management. The primary

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WooCommerce Released 3.9 in 2020

Hello Friends, I just received an email from Woocommerce regarding their new version released. So I thought you guys also know that WooCommerce Released 3.9 in 2020. So friends please read the article till the end and share your experience. The year 2020, a new decade started and January month almost complete right in front of the eyes. And before January end, WooCommerce released version3.9 for 2020 with minor updates. I want to say that, please upgrade your installed Woocommerce version with the latest one but before upgrading please take a backup(Use ManageWP) of your website. So today I’m writing

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Pinterest for WooCommerce

Pinterest for WooCommerce

Pinterest for WooCommerce, Sounds GREAT! If I’m not wrong then all you guys would know about Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media web and mobile application. It operates a software system designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos. The site was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. So let’s come to the point, In this article, we will discuss Pinterest which we can now integrate with our WooCommerce website. Yes, you guys are right, WooCommerce provides Paid plugin Pinterest for WooCommerce

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checkout field editor

How to Manage WooCommerce Checkout Fields

Hello friends, In my last article we talked about removing WooCommerce billing fields from the checkout page through custom coding. Now you guys are thinking that why I’m telling this because today we will talk about WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin powered by WooCommerce which can help to manage WooCommerce Checkout Fields. Yes, WooCommerce provides this Checkout Field Editor plugin to their users. So users can easily manage billing, shipping fields in their online store checkout page. The Editor of checkout field plugin provides with an interface to add, edit, and remove fields which shown on WooCommerce checkout page. Fields

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Remove WooCommerce billing fields

How to Remove WooCommerce Billing Fields

Hello friends, Good Morning. Today we are going to learn a WooCommerce trick. This trick is about How to remove WooCommerce billing fields. I want to tell you that WooCommerce is a very powerful WordPress tool which converts simple website into an E-commerce one. Nowadays if we go through the stat,  WooCommerce has 73,299,254 downloads and if we talk about percentage, WooCommerce powered 28% on all Online Store. WooCommerce, the most customizable eCommerce plateform for building your online business. A few days back, One of my friends asks me a question regarding WooCommerce that how to remove the billing field

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Remove woocommerce sessions

How to Remove wc_sessions in WooCommerce

Hello friends, today in this tutorial we will learn how to remove wc_sessions in WooCommerce. First, we will discuss why we need to remove these sessions from WooCommerce. These sessions make wp_options table heavy in size. These sessions _wc_session_xxx and _wc_session_expires_xxx entries are stored in wp_options table. There are two reasons behind this, below they are: Cron tasks not working on site A bot is crawling your site and creates sessions on the fly That’s the reason, _wc_session_xxx and _wc_session_expires_xxx entries stored in wp_options table and make your website Database heavy. We can avoid the bots to create these sessions

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