WordPress 5.1 Major Updates

wp5.1 updates

On February 21, 2019
Version 5.1 of WordPress, named “Betty” in honor of acclaimed jazz vocalist Betty Carter.

5.1 focuses on polish, in particular by improving the overall performance of the editor. In addition, this release paves the way for a better, faster, and more secure WordPress with some essential tools for site administrators and developers.

In WordPress 5.1 version, introduce 2 major updates. Below they are but before that, I won’t show you a stat:

For Version 5.1, the database version (db_version in wp_options) updated to 44719, and the Trac revision was 44764.

#1 Site Health

Site Health With security and speed in mind, this release introduces WordPress’s first Site Health features. WordPress will start showing notices to administrators of sites that run long-outdated versions of PHP, which is the programming language that powers WordPress.

When you install new plugins, WordPress’s Site Health features will check them against the version of PHP you’re running. If the plugin requires a version that won’t work with your site, WordPress will keep you from installing that plugin.

#2 Editor Performance

Editor Performance Introduced in WordPress 5.0, the new block editor continues to improve. Most significantly, WordPress 5.1 includes solid performance improvements within the editor. The editor should feel a little quicker to start, and typing should feel smoother.

Expect more performance improvements in the next couple of releases.

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