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Trump employs a Florida insurance lawyer after the nation's best attorneys refuse to work for him

The Washington Post reports that former President Donald Trump and his team have spent days since the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago attempting to build a "team of respected lawyers" but have been repeatedly rebuffed.

An influential Republican attorney told the media outlet, "Everyone is saying no."

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Trump is frantically searching for an experienced legal team to defend him in the face of rising legal problems. The Justice Department is investigating him under the Espionage Act after he brought confidential documents, some of which were marked "top secret," to his Mar-a-Lago residence.

In addition to the DOJ's investigation into the deadly Capitol riot on January 6, he is also the subject of a state civil inquiry in New York and a Fulton County, Georgia, criminal investigation concerning his efforts to overturn his loss in the state.

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Former Watergate prosecutor and now famed Florida defence attorney Jon Sale told the Post last week that he rejected Trump.

"You must determine if you want to take it," he replied. "It differs from a DUI. It represents the past president of the United States, and possibly the next president, in one of the highest-profile cases in history."