Racist Texas Woman Arrested For Abusing Indian-American Women

A Texas woman has been caught on camera hurling racial slurs at a group of Indian-Americans

The woman was arrested on charges of assault causing bodily harm and terroristic threats.

A video of her physically and racially abusing four Indian-American women went viral on social media.

The woman is seen insulting the Indian-American women on a racial basis and telling them to "go back to India".

The accident happened on Wednesday evening at a parking lot in Dallas, Texas.

The footage shows the lady, who has since been arrested, claiming herself to be a Mexican-American and abusing a group of Indian-Americans.

"I hate you Indians. All of these Indians came to America in search of a better life.” In the video, Esmeralda Upton is seen saying. "You Indians are everywhere," she says, while abusing the four Indian-American women.

The video has now gone viral, which has shocked Indian-Americans all over the United States.


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