The club was first started in 1878 as the "Newton Heath LYR Football Club." The "LYR" stood for Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, which was one of the biggest railway companies in Britain in the 1800s

Manchester United has worn red and white with black socks for many decades, but in their initial games, they were wearing green and gold.

Even though the first club was formed in 1878, Newton Heath LYR F.C. didn't play their first game on record until 1880. Before that, they only played other departments and railroad companies.

The Football League was created in 1892-1893 after several years of provincial competitions. This allowed Newton Heath F.C. to play in the premier league of England for the first time in its era

Football (or soccer as some call it)  became a professional sport in England in 1885. "North Road" was the name of their first stadium, which could accommodate 12,000 spectators.

The club owed a total of £2,670. To pay off the debt, captain Harry Stafford found 4 investors who were willing to put in £500 each. In exchange, the team was given the name Manchester United

The first game ever played at Old Trafford was on February 19, 1910, when Manchester United played Liverpool. Liverpool won the game with a score of 3–4.

Manchester United won their second title in 1910 but were relegated in 1912. In the next two decades, the club was constantly demoted and promoted. The club finished 20th in 1934's Second Division.

Before World War II started, Manchester United had invested £35,000 in an upgrade for Old Trafford. This included an 80-yard-long roof on what is now the “Sir Alex Ferguson Stand.”

 During World War II, German planes dropped bombs on Old Trafford. The stadium was damaged so badly that from 1941 to 1949, United had to play their games at Manchester City Stadium.

Manchester United's record attendance wasn't for a United game. Wolverhampton Wanderers and Grimsby Town played on March 25, 1939. Fans want to increase capacity to beat Old Trafford's record crowd.

Manchester United conducted a global survey in 2011. As per the survey report, Manchester United has almost 650 million admirers. This means that 1 in 10 people in the world are United fans. 

Manchester United's home field is Old Trafford, also known as theatre of Dreams. In 2022, it has been Manchester United's home for over 112 years, since they moved here for the first time in 1910.