In the COVID-19 policy dispute, the US cancelled 26 Chinese airline flights.

In a fight over COVID-19 rules, the U.S. has stopped 26 Chinese airline flights from the U.S. to China. Most of these flights leave from Los Angeles.

The DOT said Thursday that Beijing broke an agreement about air travel and was unfair to airlines by making them delay flights if a passenger tested positive for coronavirus.

The DOT says that U.S. officials stopped seven Air China flights out of New York City and 19 out of Los Angeles.

Under Beijing's circuit-breaker system, United, American, and Delta had to cancel many flights.

The Chinese Communist Party's "zero-COVID" campaign attempts to prevent coronavirus in China. Stopping travel, making, and trading. Beijing is making travel simpler, but outsiders can't go.

Before August 7, the DOT said that a flight could be cancelled for two weeks if up to nine passengers tested positive for coronavirus. Since August 7, flights have to be cancelled if 4% of passengers test positive.

The agency said that airlines have "undue liability" for passengers who test negative before boarding but test positive in China.

According to the U.S., China's actions are "outside of the carriers' control." The statement said that we could take more steps if Beijing put in place more "circuit-breaker" measures.


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