Dinosaur tracks from 113 million years ago are found in a Texas state park because of the drought.

In Texas, a drought dried up a river that ran through Dinosaur Valley State Park. This showed the tracks of Acrocanthosaurus dinosaurs, which lived about 113 million years ago.

Texas in the US is going through the worst drought since 2011. A river that ran through Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas dried up because of the drought. This showed dinosaur tracks from about 113 million years ago.

On social media, pictures of dinosaur tracks went viral. There are pictures of three-toed footprints on Facebook. These tracks led down a dry riverbed in Texas that was lined with trees. It is said to be the longest path left by dinosaurs in the world.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Stephanie Salinas Garcia says that the dry weather makes these dinosaur tracks easy to see.

"Because of the extreme drought this past summer, the river dried up completely in most places," Garcia told AFP. This made it possible to find more tracks in the park.