A firm that Coca-Cola destroyed is making a comeback

Coca-Cola has been putting a lot of effort into streamlining and improving its drinks lately. From adding new flavours to getting rid of brands that aren't doing well, the company is working hard to make sure that Coca-Cola and its subsidiaries will be successful in the future.

One of the companies that Coke's business plan hurt was Honest Tea. Seth Goldman, who started the company, did not like that the Honest Tea brand was going away. Goldman is now working on making and launching a new tea brand to replace the one he used to sell.

After Honest Tea went out of business, Goldman was able to get $14.5 billion to make another kind of tea. Goldman was able to get the money through Eat The Change, the company he and his business partner Spike Mendelsohn run together. In their efforts to raise money, Goldman and Mendelsohn also worked with Collaborative Fund and S2G Ventures.

Just Iced Tea will be the brand that comes after Honest Tea. Because Goldman moved quickly, customers probably won't have to wait too long before they can buy it. Goldman started the project to bring Honest Tea to new places in June.

Now, Goldman says that if everything goes as planned, Just Iced Tea could be in stores in as little as a few weeks.

Orange Lightning

After hearing that Coca-Cola was going to stop making Honest Tea, Goldman's current company, Eat The Change, changed direction quickly. Before it was found out that Honest Tea was going to go out of business, Eat The Change was working on making mushroom jerky and other plant-based foods.

Now, Goldman is doing everything he can to get Just Iced Tea started. A mission, he says, that was mostly driven by what people said.

Honest Tea was lucky. Its former founder was still not only passionate about his product, but he had the means to revive it. Many other small brands are suffering the same fate as Goldman’s brand with no likelihood of revival. Coca-Cola, for instance, has also since stopped production of Zico, Coconut Water, Odwalla Smoothies, and Hubert’s Lemonade.