A $480,000 settlement was awarded to a pregnant inmate who suffered a miscarriage while cops stopped at Starbucks.

Sandra Quinones, who is no longer in jail, said that her treatment was delayed by two hours.

A woman in the US was given $480,000  after saying she had a miscarriage while being driven to the hospital by officers who stopped at Starbucks.

After her water broke, the 28-year-old woman begged police to take her to the hospital, but the wait cost her.

The LA Times said that the Orange County Board of Supervisors agreed on Tuesday to pay Quinones, who is 34, six figures. The Orange County Register says that she must accept the settlement before it's final.

Quinones' lawyer said she was "dysfunctional," homeless, and had mental disorders, but she didn't give up. She is suing the officers because she says they didn't care about her medical needs when they stopped at Starbucks.

The woman's complaint was first thrown out in October 2020, but it was looked at again last year.

A court case says that Quinones' unborn child died in the hospital. Her lawyer says she was locked up after she lost the baby.


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